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Educational Robotics

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School Workshops

Hay kids do you want to make your own Robot with remote control? We are here to help you out. And building Robot is so easy like playing with your R.C CAR. Now Robomaster is bringing you Robot workshop, where you will be constructing and programming your Robot with different models which can be customized according to your needs. You will be learning the below models.

  • Remote control Robot
  • Sumo wrestling Robot
  • Hand following Robot
  • Obstacle avoiding Robot
  • Edge avoiding Robot
  • Line following Robot
  • Distance Measuring Robot
  • Burglar alarm Robot
  • Sun rise alarm Robot
  • Fire fighting Robot
  • Light following Robot
  • Human interaction Robot…… And many More.

Engineering Workshops:

Robo Master organizes 2 days workshop for those with basic understanding of electronics. The target students for this workshop is all semesters BE/B.Tech Engineering and Diploma. This workshop involves construction and programming of Robots using discrete electronic components. This workshop is suitable for the any technical domain.

ROBOMASTER Provides a new and excellent motivational programs for the Engineering students, where they will not only be making the Robots but design and customize them. And unlike other workshops each individual gets their own Robot kit. Where as in other workshops they allow students to do in a groups (4 to 5 students in a group and one kit will be shared by them. In that case hands on experience of individual Students will be 25% or 20% only, but in ROBOMASTER we provide them 100% hands on Experience. We have the below levels for them.

  • BASIC LEVEL WORKSHOP With take home Robot Kit ( Individual kit)
  • INTERMEDIATE WORK SHOP With take home Robot Kit ( Individual kit)


We provide weekend programs for the school and college students. Please contact for the details.